“Age appears to be best in four things: old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust and old authors to read.”-Francis Bacon



twosday lovin

What I’m loving this week…

fall tv

  • Fall TV: One of the things I look forward to the most about Fall is the return of Fall TV. I don’t watch much television during the summer because, well, there’s nothing but terrible reality on. Which, don’t get me wrong-I LOVE me some Housewives, but can’t bring myself to watch, say…Bachelor Pad. I will watch a woman on TLC eat the inside of a couch but just can’t bring myself to watch Big Brother. Don’t even get me started on the atrocity that was True Detective Season 2. Sorry. Not hating on people who watch Summer TV, but I can’t get into it. Fall TV is a horse of a different (reddish orange pumpkin spiced) color. The Affair, The Walking Dead, The Leftovers, Modern Family, American Horror Story…GIMME!!! There aren’t many things I love more than coming home from a long day at work, throwing on sweatpants (literally the moment I walk through the door) and cozying up on the couch with my remote and a glass of wine and/or a box of Cheez-Its and/or cookies (I like my snacks. Don’t judge.) and getting engrossed in a post apocalyptic zombie wasteland. Or watching the antics of the Dunphy/Pritchett/Prichett-Tucker clan on Modern Family. Or being whisked away to Montauk to be a third party to a salacious Affair. You get the point. If you’re looking for a new show, IMDB is listing 15 binge worthy shows returning this fall
  • This Buzzfeed article: Yesterday marked the halfway mark to 33 for me (I can’t even put it into words how much typing that number pains me). I didn’t live in a dorm, but the early 2000s were my golden years. I had no real responsibilities, aside from a waitressing job that allowed me to sleep until noon and stay out as late as I wanted. I had a hot pink Motorola flip phone. I watched Garden State incessantly. I loved “Hey Ya” and Justin Timberlake’s  first solo album. The OC was my must watch TV show, along with Laguna Beach (Team LC!), Newlyweds (RIP Nick & Jess) and The Simple Life (RIP Paris & Nicole. And Tinkerbell). I had a Myspace account (kids today will never know the pain of having to rank their friends in order and the angst of trying to find *the* perfect background song to express themselves), and yes even rocked a trucker hat. I will always look back on this time as one of the best times of my life, combined with very questionable fashion choices (denim on denim anyone?). At least we’ll always have memories like this to look back on…


some just have to chase the sun

If you follow my Instagram account, one thing you have probably picked up is that I have a hardcore, unabashed sunset obsession. I will be in the middle of eating dinner, mid-forkful, look out the window, see bright pink skies, grab my camera or phone and run to the roof to shoot it. I live in a beautiful place where each sunset is better than the last and it’s hard not to share my photos on social media. Well it turns out that one of my photos won an “End of Summer” contest on the US National Weather Service Facebook page, after much love and support from friends, family, and even strangers. My photo, taken on September 22nd, the last official day of Summer 2015 (pretty appropriate, given the contest), received the most likes on the Nation Weather Service’s Facebook page and it is now featured as their cover photo. Needless to say, it’s a very cool feeling to know that your photo was featured on a site viewed by almost 50,000 people every day. It should be noted that I never win anything, so this was a pretty big deal to me. Thank you to everyone who voted!!!


Farewell, Summer 2015

twosday lovin

There’s no easy way to put it. Tuesday doesn’t get much love. She’s Monday’s ugly sister. The weekend was 48 hours ago, and there are still 72 long hours left until this weekend (UGH). But Tuesday isn’t all that bad, which is why I’m starting a weekly installment featuring two things I love this Tuesday. In the words of Drake: “It’s goin up on a Tuesday”

  1. National Coffee Day: National Coffee Day is September 29th. I love coffee and cannot function without it, so of course I love a day celebrating it. You know what else I love? FREE COFFEE. That’s right. Several java joints are giving out free coffee, including Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme and Wawa. Check out this article from USA today for more info: National Coffee Day Freebies

2. Late Night Chauffeurs: I love a good night out, and I especially love a good night out when everyone can have a good time, and there is no cause for concern as to how to get home. Enter Late Night Chauffeurs. Basically, you drive your car to your destination, you call LNC, give them a time and location to meet you, and they will pick you and YOUR CAR up, and drive you both home safe and sound. No drinking and driving, no worrying about what to do with your car if you end up partying too hard. Easy peasy!  A friend of mine recommended them to me after using them a few times. I used them recently after a night out and I do not have enough great things to say about them. They met us at our location and the time I scheduled, drove our car home and found parking (which in my area is a nightmare on the weekend). Our driver was super sweet, patient and a great driver. His co-Chauffeur followed us back to our home to pick him up (in case you were wondering how he gets home). It’s a safe, inexpensive way to enjoy a night out. Keep them in mind next time you’re thinking of going out! Late Night Chauffeurs

long time no blog


September has been a crazy busy month and I cannot believe we are almost into OCTOBER!!!! I’ve had a ton of social functions, and here on Long Island we’ve been having an unseasonably warm {HOT} fall. It’s been in the 80s the majority of the month so I have been soaking up the sun every moment I’ve been able to! I’m hoping to keep my tan going until Thanksgiving…cross your fingers for me!

Well, Fall has officially begun and the weather forecast is calling for a cold front this week, so I will be making up for lost time. I have plenty to catch up on and a bunch of October adventures in the works. I promise I will keep you up to speed on all my pumpkin spiced, sweater filled, boot wearing escapades!

it started out with a kiss…8.30.14

Sunday, August 30th marked Jon’s and mine’s one year anniversary. Our wedding day was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I was never a ‘wedding’ girl. I never saw the point in getting married, having a wedding, any of it. However, once we got engaged, I threw myself head first into the wedding planning process and to my much to my surprise, I loved it. I loved looking at pictures of pretty things. I loved trying on pretty dresses. I loved putting all of my ideas into motion and watching them become a reality. And the icing on the cake…I got to marry the best guy ever.

There is so much planning and preparation that goes into planning your wedding day and when it comes down to it…it’s only a day. And that day will fly by. Our wedding day was a beautiful whirlwind of a day, filled with our best friends, family and so much love (and Fireball, but that’s an entirely different story). I wouldn’t consider myself an overly emotional person but the outpouring of love and joy that I felt that day caused me to tear up at things that I usually wouldn’t think twice about.

When planning our wedding, I wanted it to really reflect mine and Jon’s style and I have to say that our vendors brought our ideas to life even better than I could have imagined. I wanted something nautical but with a bohemian vibe. We found the setting for our day in Bridgeview Yacht Club in Island Park, NY. All I can possibly say is the staff at Bridgeview went way above and beyond for our wedding and I will never be able to thank them enough for giving us such a perfect day. Bridgeview has sweeping water views, with a gorgeously elegant tented ballroom that took my breath away the first time I set foot in it. I knew it was the perfect venue for our coastal inspired nuptials.

Remember back when I said I against this wedding thing? Well I secretly might have found a dress on Pinterest that I said to myself “well maybe if I change my mind, this would be the dress”. Flash forward to us getting engaged in June 2013. As fate would have it, the LA based designer of the dress was having a trunk show in Tribeca the weekend I started doing dress research at Lovely Bride (best bridal shop ever. Seriously, if you need a dress check them out). I was lucky enough to get an appointment. I went with my mom and maid of honor. The Poipu by Katie May was the fourth dress I tried on and it was THE dress! It was unlike any other dress I had seen before. It was fitted in all the right places, lace and had a showstopping back (or lack thereof). It is still my most favorite dress ever.

Whimsical probably sums up our wedding look best. The main color scheme was navy and coral. I didn’t want flowers as centerpieces since they tend to run up the bill and we were working with a fairly strict budget. I wanted something tangible, useful and something our loved ones can take home and use. We ended up choosing copper lanterns filled with sea glass and candles, which sat on top of a bed of coral rose petals, surrounded by mercury glass votives, all on top of a navy and white striped tablecloth. The ballroom was bathed in candlelight, giving it a soft, romantic look.

The day began with a Taylor Swift-90s hip hop dance party in the bridal suite, led to pictures with my mom and my best girlfriends around Bridgeview, then we headed to meet the boys at the beach where Jon and I would have our first look. Our insanely talented photographer orchestrated the beach we would meet on and how the first look would happen. We met in nearby Lido Beach. His back was to me and as I walked over the dunes, my heart was beating out of my chest. When I tapped him on the shoulder, we had the biggest smiles on our faces and he gave me the biggest kiss and hug. It was really happening! The day was finally here. Finally real. We continued taking more photos on the beach, eventually heading back to Bridgeview to prepare for the ceremony. Walking down the aisle was one of the most surreal, indescribable experiences I have ever had. It was the most nervous, terrified, happy, excited and overjoyed I have ever felt. I was so nervous I forgot I had a veil in front of my face. Twice. I may have tried to kiss him with my veil on. Oops.

The rest of the night went by in a blur. From our first dance, to the speeches, to the cake cutting, to the last song where we danced in a flurry of bubbles and rose petals to our song (“Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. Hence the title of this blog.) it was literally the best day of my life and I would relive it everyday if I could.

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

on my way to meet my groom

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about to see each other for the first time…

our first look

our first look

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon 10734087_925151553663_535301652344048927_n

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

our amazing bridal party

ceremony setting

ceremony setting

bridgeview's beautiful ballroom

bridgeview’s beautiful ballroom

the centerpieces

our centerpiece

candle light just makes everything prettier

candle light makes everything prettier

one of my fave details-the cake table

one of my fave details-the cake table

a little obsessed with these cake toppers

a little obsessed with these cake toppers

shoes: something bleu by bhldn

shoes: something bleu by bhldn

headpiece by wildflower couture

headpiece by wildflower couture

flowers: christina santos design

flowers: c. santos floral & design

my beautiful mom walking me down the aisle

my beautiful mom walking me down the aisle

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

we did!

we did!

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjonView More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon
View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/jenniferjon

Photographer: Martina Micko Photo

Venue: Bridgeview Yacht Club

Florist: C. Santos Florals & Events

Makeup: Glam Me Up

Hair: Dream Hair by Cynthia

Dress: Poipu by Katie May

Dress Shop: Lovely Bride

Shoes: Lambent Knot Shoes by Something Bleu (Coral)

Shoe Shop: BHLDN

Hair Piece: Wildflower Couture

Dress Alterations: The Wedding Dresser

Bridesmaid Dress: Adrianna Papell Boatneck Lace Sheath Dress in Guava

Ribbon Curtain: Oh My Charley

Cake: The Sweet Peace

Please feel free to Pin or email me if you have any questions about our wedding!

how mermaids whet their whistle…spiked seltzer!


I’m always on the hunt for a new cocktail, preferably one that is low cal and yummy. Enter Spiked Seltzer. I had first seen Spiked Seltzer on Instagram a few months back and fell in love with the packaging. The cans are tall, sleek and slender (kind of how I would like my body. Too bad pizza keeps getting in the way.), with their trademark mermaid on the front (were you wondering how it got my attention? There’s your answer!). I was in my local beer distributor and they carried it, so I snapped it up.

There are four flavors each named for its origin: Valencia Orange, Indian River Grapefruit, West Indies Lime and Cape Cod Cranberry. Each flavor is bursting with refreshing citrus flavor, but none are overly sweet. Developed by Nick Shields, Spiked Seltzer is brewed in Connecticut. Each flavor is made with all natural ingredients, is gluten-free, has a 6% alcohol content, 5 grams of carbs per can and is 140 calories. The best part of not having any unnecessary sugar or preservatives? No hangover!  The Spiked Seltzer website even suggests that it even makes a nice mixer and comes complete with cocktail recipes: Spiked Seltzer Cocktails

It’s a flavorful, guilt free cocktail that is best served chilled over ice with your toes in the sand.



Jon and I decided to go out to dinner this past Friday night. After much debate of “Where do you wanna go?” and “I don’t care”. I remembered hearing about the Point Lookout Alehouse in Point Lookout, NY. As I always do, I stalked the menu online before going and saw two of the greatest words that could have ever been put together there on a page. Words that when paired evoke my saliva glands (are those a thing?) and sheer, unadulterated happiness. Are you ready? Are you sure?? Here goes: Lobster Guacamole. Succulent, juicy chunks of lobster, dispersed in a sea of creamy green avocado goodness. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?? So I threw on my favorite (and only) Lilly for Target dress that I scored on Ebay (apparently it helps to fit into a child’s XL because it’s much cheaper than the women’s size) and got myself dolled up for a date night.

Point Lookout should be a 10 minute (if that) drive from our home. So why were we in the car for about 40 minutes. No, this is not a riddle. It is because Point Lookout has ZERO parking for non residents. Jon was dangerously close to turning the car around and ordering takeout and making it a Netflix night. Seriously, we almost got into a fight with a not so nice 80 year old woman. It was that bad, you guys.

We finally found parking (SUCCESS!) and got to the Ale House. The manager was a lovely gentleman wearing madras pants who complimented my ever so summery dress (points for you sir!) who told us our table would be ready shortly. The restaurant is quaint on the outside, with big doors that open up onto the sidewalk with Adirondack chairs for patrons to sit in and have a few cocktails prior to dinner. The interior is an inviting pub with a large mahogany bar that was jam packed when we arrived. The waitstaff is outfitted in black tank tops that say “The Point” in front, and 15 MPH on the back, a nod to PLO’s speed limit. We ordered beer (a Montauk Session for me-YUM-and a Bud Light for my driver…I mean husband). After about 6 minutes, we were escorted to our high top right next to the doors where we could have the best of both worlds. Sitting halfway outside on a beautiful balmy summer night and watching the Yankee game (not really my idea of a good time, but compromise is key right?). We were given our menus (like I even needed a menu! 2 words: Lobster Guac. Or one word: LobGuac. Give it to me. Give it to me now!!!!).

I scanned the menu. It wasn’t there. No. NO. This could not be! I read it back and front 3 times. It. Wasn’t. There. Maybe there was a mistake. Maybe it was a special. I asked our server who delivered the news to me the way she had delivered it to hundreds (ok probably not) of patrons who had the same hopes and dreams of LobGuac as I did. The menu online isn’t updated and there was no Lobster Guac anymore. Horror. Devastation. Grief. Sadness.

After my initial depression, I picked up the pieces of my dignity and we ordered baked clams as an app and I ordered a full broiled lobster for my meal (when I am sad I eat. DON’T JUDGE ME). Jon ordered the NY Strip Steak because apparently we are ballers and order surf and turf on what was supposed to be a not super expensive night out. Oops.

The clams were delicious and super filling to the point where I only finished one side of my lobster (hooray leftovers!). The steak was yummy as well and the mashed potatoes were to die for. The staff was very attentive and very welcoming, food was fab and the beer selection on tap is nothing to sniff at. Overall, we had a great experience and had a great little date night but I am still dreaming of Lobster Guacamole. LobGuac, you are my white whale and one day you will be mine!!!!!


My Lilly for Target date night look. No I did not wait on that insane line. It was an Ebay steal! It’s a girl’s XL and was going for about $50 less than the women’s shift dress and fits like a 4-6.


My ginormous broiled lobster that served as the following night’s dinner





Love is Dead: Summer 2015 Edition


RIP Bennifer, Gwavin, Blaranda, & Wada (?)

What is going on in Hollywood?? First Jen and Ben, then Blake and Miranda, now Gwen and Gavin and soon-possibly (probably?) Will and Jada! My heart can’t take much more this summer. I don’t blink an eye anymore when a Kardashian ditches her current beau for her next basketball player/musician/entrepreneur conquest but when couples that have been together longer than I have been an adult (I use the term “adult” very, very loosely), it hurts my heart. Get it together guys! If Anna Faris and Chris Pratt call it quits, I am swearing off gossip blogs. Ok, that probably won’t happen, but I may need a little bit of a break.